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Part 1 - Causality

I-95, Southbound

Dancing Quarters

In Touch

Berkowitz’s Angel

Like I was Gandhi

Satan Take 12 Steps

Creative Writing Midterm - Unit #1, Causality

Part 2 - Character Is Fate




Video Girl

Me and the Moose

Norwegian Wood

Final Examination

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Satan comes to our Thursday night meeting. He sits in the back, close to the door. We all know what that’s like. We have all been there. First-timer jitters. You sit. You smoke. You listen. Maybe you come back. Most don’t.

But this is Satan. You have to wonder.

Two weeks go by. We figure we are okay. But then Satan shows up again. Don’t ask me why Thursday. Don’t ask me why our meeting. No one can be turned away, right

After the meeting, we break down the chairs, and then Marge and me go for coffee. Two blocks from the Hall, under the el they serve the coffee in a small, steel pot. Real china. The cups are sometimes chipped, but they use saucers. It’s a nice place.

Marge says, “What do you think, Louis?  Why is Satan at our meeting?”

I remind her that everyone has a reason, but no one needs to give one. When he is ready, the Devil will tell us why he attends our Thursday night 12-step meeting for degenerate gamblers.

She nods. “Eight to five he is up to no good.”